A Picture of Betrayal
to May 25

A Picture of Betrayal

Who could make a comedy out of 1960s London East End gangsters going about their daily unlawful business of thieving, cheating and hurting each other, but the comedically irrepressible Noel O’Neill. 

It starts when Ray uses initiative he hasn’t got and makes decisions he shouldn’t have.  So the wheels of scheming retribution start to turn.  So who will be left with the prize? This play has more twists and turns than Chubby Checker.

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It's Still Greek to Me
to Sep 1

It's Still Greek to Me

Show Dates / Times:
Evenings at 7.30pm - August 23, 24, 25, 29, 30, 31 and September 1.
Saturday Matinees at 2pm on August 25, and 26 and September 1.

They’re back! Noel O’Neill returns with his third play in the riotous “Greek series”. This one, “It’s Still Greek to Me”, opens at the Old Mill Theatre in South Perth on Thursday 23rd of August 2018.

We revisit the crazy London based Greek Pilankous family and laugh with them, and at them, as they continue, despite appearances to the contrary, as a close and loving family. The strong-willed, colourful and loving characters produce even more humour than the earlier shows. But this time we might be for a surprise, as Nicky, with his hilarious lack of conscience, tries to change his spots and leave his philandering ways behind him. Nicky’s challenge is tough though because of this time his beautiful and saucy girlfriend, Alexia, a surprising relative, makes an appearance rather than just being hinted at.

Jenna has had the baby but still has no man in her life. Dimwitted Dimitri is back with his equally challenged girlfriend, Katarina. Athena, the feisty and courageous wife, is there bringing the battle right up to Nicky. We also see the return of the Shylock-like Andronikos, with his predictable magic and desire to convert it into ready cash. Nephew Stavros is back, again, from his Greek idyll, widowed now, but still seeking Nicky’s help.

Author Noel O’Neill and his very experienced cast bring a wealth of comedic entertainment and beautifully show case Noel’s witty repartee and clever insights into the human psyche.

A really good, side-splitting comedy.
Author: Noel O’Neill

Venue: Old Mill Theatre, Mends St, South Perth
Theatre Company: Maverick Theatre Productions
Show Dates / Times:
Evenings at 7.30pm - August 23, 24, 25, 29, 30 and 31.
Saturday Matinees at 2pm on August 25, and 26 and September 1.

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Armistice Day
to Sep 6

Armistice Day

This is the first play in a season of One Act plays focussing on “the Great War” and its effects and aftermath.  Showing at the Old Mill Theatre from 2 – 5 September 2015

“Armistice Day” is written by Noel O’Neil and directed by Valerie Dragojevic.

This play looks at the variety of impacts that war had on a group of soldiers who gather together in 1919, a year after the end of the war, to reminisce and relive some of the camaraderie that grew between them as they faced the horrors and tragedies of that dreadful war.

In his inimical style, Noel O’Neill’s writing examines the individual impact the war had on each of these soldiers, now civilians. All of the characters were damaged by the war but it is only as the play develops that we see just how badly they were injured.  The dreadful physical scars that some have, seem to pale into insignificance when we realise the damage to the minds of others.  Some of the characters have reconciled to the horrors of war and have successfully resumed their lives in peacetime, while others are clearly still struggling with the psychological damage and it’s not until the final dramatic scene that we discover the depth of that damage.

In this play Noel reflects similar sentiments that he so inspirationally described in the hugely successful and award winning “Under Any Old Gumtree” as Noel focusses on the price paid by those who did return.

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Holly & Ivy
to Aug 23

Holly & Ivy

Holly and Ivy will be performed at Laughing Horse @ The Free Sisters, (Venue 272), 139 Cowgate, EH1 1JS (The Staff Room) from 6 - 23 August (not 11, 18) at 1:30pm (60 mins).

Award winning Irish/American actor and playwright, Noel O’Neill, returns to the international stage with a trip to Scotland where he and his cast will be performing his award winning play, Holly and Ivy, at The Free Edinburgh Fringe Festival from August 6th this year.  A free, non-ticketed show, details can be found at www.edfringe.com and onwww.freefestival.co.uk

Holly and Ivy has won many awards since its first production, including Best New Writing Award at the ITA Dramafest (WA)and Best Production at South West Drama Festival (WA),  and O’Neill believes the success of the play is that it is set in real life.  A simple story about family that reveals complex truths, it is poignant, humorous and heartbreaking.   

A play set in Scotland, written by an Irish/American while living in Australia may challenge the mindset of any diehard Scots.  What can this guy know about life in our country?  When asked about this O’Neill offers a rueful smile and says  “Yeah, you can write about places overseas as you imagine them to be, but it will be a challenge to see what real Scots think about my story set in their land.”

There is nothing foreign through about the cast he brings with him as Catriona M. Coe (Holly) and Sandra Sando (Ivy) both born and bred in Scotland, look forward to returning home and to the opportunity to perform with Noel (Tommy) at the biggest arts festival in the world, The Edinburgh Festival Fringe.   

A compelling story with a good deal of pathos and a lot of warmth,  O’Neill says “You might come in to the play distracted, we’ve all got busy lives, but what we’ve found is that people.

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7:30 PM19:30

It's all Greek to Me

None-too-bright Dimitri (Cameron Leese), father Nicky (Kim Taylor) and pregnant daughter Jenna (Valerie Dragojevic) at odds in It’s All Greek To Me.

TYPICALLY used to highlight not understanding, the phrase “it’s all Greek to me” now lends itself to the title of a play premiering at the Old Mill Theatre in May.

Written by WA playwright Noel O’Neill and directed by Valerie Dragojevic, hilarity turns to disaster in a comedy of errors set in 1960s London when a man makes a promise he cannot keep.

It’s All Greek To Me is the story of Nicky Plankos who celebrates with a bottle of ouzo one night and suddenly gets a call from his lonely cousin Stavros in Greece. In his drunken state, Nicky promises him a wife – leading to hilarious and sometimes disastrous results.

“My inspiration for the play came from the Greeks I grew up with in London in the late ’50s and 60s,” O’Neill said. “It’s All Greek To Me is a tribute to the era.

“I was – and still am – a huge fan of Anthony Quinn who I saw play Zorba The Greek at the movies. I fell in love with how passionate it all seemed and how passionate these Greeks were with their music and dancing.”

O’Neill moved to New York in his late teens and studied acting with Lee Strasberg, appearing in many off-Broadway productions.

Nicky (Kim Taylor, left) with the local clairvoyant Andronikus (Rex Gray) in the world premiere of It’s All Greek To Me.

Since moving to Perth 12 years ago, he has worked with the Old Mill and KADS Theatres, Graduate Dramatic Society and Irish Theatre Players. O’Neill has won numerous awards for his work and currently lectures for the WA Academy of Performing Arts and Perth Actors’ Collective.

“The most interesting aspect of It’s All Greek To Me is watching characters gradually change as the play develops,” he said. “There are lessons to be learnt through their mistakes – the rest is up to the gods.”

Director Valerie Dragojevic (who also plays Jenna) brought O’Neill’s Snow and Ash to life last year, winning several awards at Dramafest, the annual state drama festival.

“It’s All Greek To Me is a slice of high comedy from life,” she said. “It has a philandering husband with a suicidal wife and a son who’s one olive short of a Greek salad.

“I haven’t directed comedy before and was keen to try it out. It’s so much fun, compared to dark drama, and inspires laughter – we all need to laugh more.”

Dragojevic said the main challenge lies in finding the truth in each character and ensuring it is expressed.

Nicky (Kim Taylor, left) tries to resist the flirtatious charms of Circe (Nada Dilevska) in It’s All Greek To Me this May.

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