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Holly and Ivy

Where and When

Holly and Ivy will be performed at Laughing Horse @ The Free Sisters, (Venue 272), 139 Cowgate, EH1 1JS (The Staff Room) from 6 -23 August (not 11, 18) at 1:30pm (60 mins).

Award winning Irish/American actor and playwright, Noel O’Neill, returns to the international stage with a trip to Scotland where he and his cast will be performing his award winning play, Holly and Ivy, at The Free Edinburgh Fringe Festival from August 6th this year.  A free, non-ticketed show, details can be found at www.edfringe.com and on www.freefestival.co.uk

Holly and Ivy has won many awards since its first production, including Best New Writing Award at the ITA Dramafest (WA)and Best Production at South West Drama Festival (WA),  and O’Neill believes the success of the play is that it is set in real life.  A simple story about family that reveals complex truths, it is poignant, humorous and heartbreaking.   

A play set in Scotland, written by an Irish/American while living in Australia may challenge the mindset of any diehard Scots.  What can this guy know about life in our country?  When asked about this O’Neill offers a rueful smile and says  “Yeah, you can write about places overseas as you imagine them to be, but it will be a challenge to see what real Scots think about my story set in their land.”

There is nothing foreign through about the cast he brings with him as Catriona M. Coe (Holly) and Sandra Sando (Ivy) both born and bred in Scotland, look forward to returning home and to the opportunity to perform with Noel (Tommy) at the biggest arts festival in the world, The Edinburgh Festival Fringe.   

A compelling story with a good deal of pathos and a lot of warmth,  O’Neill says “You might come in to the play distracted, we’ve all got busy lives, but what we’ve found is that people