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Armistice Day

This is the first play in a season of One Act plays focussing on “the Great War” and its effects and aftermath.  Showing at the Old Mill Theatre from 2 – 5 September 2015

“Armistice Day” is written by Noel O’Neil and directed by Valerie Dragojevic.

This play looks at the variety of impacts that war had on a group of soldiers who gather together in 1919, a year after the end of the war, to reminisce and relive some of the camaraderie that grew between them as they faced the horrors and tragedies of that dreadful war.

In his inimical style, Noel O’Neill’s writing examines the individual impact the war had on each of these soldiers, now civilians. All of the characters were damaged by the war but it is only as the play develops that we see just how badly they were injured.  The dreadful physical scars that some have, seem to pale into insignificance when we realise the damage to the minds of others.  Some of the characters have reconciled to the horrors of war and have successfully resumed their lives in peacetime, while others are clearly still struggling with the psychological damage and it’s not until the final dramatic scene that we discover the depth of that damage.

In this play Noel reflects similar sentiments that he so inspirationally described in the hugely successful and award winning “Under Any Old Gumtree” as Noel focusses on the price paid by those who did return.