Maverick Theatre Productions is a continuation of an earlier business conducted by Noel O’Neill under the then business name of Studio Productions.  The group is about producing, promoting, performing and protecting plays written by Noel O’Neill.  It also includes plays that Noel has agreed to direct.

The Management

Noel O’Neill

Noel is the principal of the group and has a long history in film and on the stage and is a working actor and director as well as being a prolific playwright.  Elsewhere there is a list of plays written by Noel, a list which is hard to maintain because at any given time he is writing one or two or even three more plays.

Noel has won many awards for his plays and those awards are listed elsewhere.

Although he often directs his own and other plays, he encourages young directors by having them direct while he acts or takes the assistant role.  He is always encouraging younger actors and often casts actors who are part of his teaching classes, just to give them a boost in a tough game.

In addition to writing and directing, he has starred in dozens of other plays.  

Irish born, London bred and New York raised, Noel is a multi-award winning playwright, actor and director. In New York, Noel studied with Lee Strasberg, Uto Hagen and Herbert Berghof and gained acting experience on the New York stage in “The Hostage”, “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”, “Come Back Little Sheba”, “Little Moon of Alban” and “Of Mice and Men”.  Not only a star of stage, he is also a star of screen, Hollywood style, having roles in Hollywood movies such as “Salem’s Lot” and “The Great Raid” and a couple of years back, starring in the ABC documentary series “Constructing Australia”, based on the Kalgoorlie pipeline construction by Irish engineer CY O’Connor.

Noel O' Neill is well known throughout the Western Australian theatre scene for his witty, introspective and thoughtful scripts complimented by his enthusiastic and supportive directing style. Noel is a lecturer at the WA Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA), the Perth Actors Collective Theatre Workshop (PACS) and Nicholson’s Academy of Screen Acting.   

In 2004 his one-act play “Candles in the Rain” won the award for Best Original Play and in 2005 he won Best Overall Production and Best Play with his one-act play, “A Day in the Life”.  He also received an adjudicator award for original writing.

Noel swept the boards at the 2014 Perth Drama Festival where his play "Under Any Old Gum Tree" won The People's Choice Award and The Jenny McNae Adjudicators Award

Noel is a passionate and enthusiastic director always willing to try something new and exciting.  He is much sought after and has directed (and appeared in) many plays in WA community theatre including plays for the Irish Theatre Players, Kalamunda Amateur Dramatic Society and the Old Mill Theatre.

An Irishman at heart, Noel has directed and or appeared in many plays for the Irish Theatre Players, including Cupboard Love, Hyacinth Halvey, Molly Sweeney, The Hiker, Little Moon of Alban, Stella by Starlight, The Cripple of Inishmaan, The Runner Stumbles, Little Moon of Alban, Weeping of Angels, Last Bus to Contrition and the Big Casino.

The irrepressible Noel O’Neill also writes, sings and records music.  


Rex Gray

Rex is a theatre veteran and on the rare occasions he is not at the Old Mill he is busy advising people, as financial advisor, on how to amass wealth. Among his recent stage appearances are “The Desert Song” (Omnibus), “Fiddler on the Roof” (Old Mill) “Candide” (Playlovers) and “Gondoliers” (G&S Society), and Old Mill productions of “Beauty & the Beast”, “Born Yesterday”, “Snow & Ash” and the World Premiere of the huge smash hit “It’s All Greek to Me”.  He was recently an archbishop, at least on stage in the sold performances of “Hail Mary”.


Rex had a multi-part role in the “Wizard of Oz” and is also playing in the poignant award winning “Under Any Old Gumtree” at local, regional and international stages.


Valerie Dragojevic

After the BA in theatre and drama studies at Murdoch University, Valerie performed in quite a range of productions including “Bus Stop”, “Confetti from Graceland”, “Born Yesterday” and the highly successful “It’s All Greek to Me”. Amid her busy career as a Financial Advisor, Valerie also squeezed in several short film appearances and a role in the locally produced TV series “Love on the Box”. Just prior to that Valerie made her directorial debut directing the award winning “Holly & Ivy”, which one a place at the 2015 Edinburgh Fringe Festival.  Valerie was also part of the 2015 Perth Fringe, starring as “Ophelia” in Tom Stoppard’s “The Fifteen Minute Hamlet”.

Her most recent on stage role was as the convent saving sister Vinnie in Hail Mary


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